What Is Traffic Congestion?

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Introduction What is traffic congestion? Traffic congestion is a term whereby congestion is mentioned as “clog”, “impede” and “over utilised”(http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/congestion_report/executive_summary.htm#what_is_congestion). This term is used to describe a traffic situation is with enormous amount of vehicle on the roadway, causing the flow of vehicle to be inefficient. In another word, number of traffic is higher than the supply (capacity) of current highway facilities will cause traffic congestion (Wan Hashim Wan Ibrahim 2009). According to IBM, its research states that a growth of 20% of the U.S nation population between 1982 and 2001 leads to a leap of traffic congestion for about 236%. Therefore, there is no doubt that urbanisation of an area where population density is too high will cause traffic congestion to occur. As time goes on to present days, this issue arises as one of the obstacles that brings negative impacts to the urbanized world namely retarding the efficiency of economic activities and emergency vehicles in operations, waste of time and mental torture while in a traffic jam, wastage of fuel consumption which leads to pollution, and road rage. As to make a better world, this issue must be eliminated by implementing ways to manage this problem. Aim According to the 30th Australasian Transport Research Forum, it stated that the most frequently used travel mode for almost every trip purpose is private vehicles. In present world with rapid urban development,
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