What Is Tuckman's Five Stage Theory Of Group Development

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Our group had members from different educational backgrounds, place of origin, work experience etc. This diversity helped us in getting new and different perspectives about the issues and possible solutions to them and helped us to remove personal biases. As some of the members in the group were from Bhubaneswar, it helped us in interacting with local people in Odia language and also familiarity with the place made it easier for us to locate the stone crushers.

Group Process

As a part of analysis of group process, I will go over two different theories of group development. The first one is Tuckman’s 5-stage model of group development and Punctuated equilibrium model. In analyzing the group development of the of our GDTB group, there will be examples of incidence that supports both of these models.
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a) Forming:
In the forming stage, the group is formed and the group members try to get to know each other and figure out how they are going to function. At this stage there is discomfort due to unfamiliarity together with confusion on how the team will function together. It’s important at this point in team development to have a clear objective, define goals, and plan how the team will achieve their tasks. In my previous groups in 1st term, there was some discomfort and confusion, I think, primarily due to the fact that we did not know each other well and did not have clear goals and an understanding of how we would function together as a team. But in the GDTB group, some of us had already worked together for another assignment in 1st term so it was easier for us to work together again for GDTB project. Through this project we learned more about each other and also talked about our goals, interests in how we would work
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