What Is Using Multiplanar Reconstruction Technique Used For The Conventional Radiographs?

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using the same technique as for the conventional radiographs(X-ray), by using multiplanar reconstruction technique through the midsection of each vertebral body for the MRI and the digital reconstructed radiograph for the CT scan. The same levels were used for each patient on the three different imaging methods. (Brink et al. Scoliosis and Spinal Disorders 2017) 2.6 ASSESSMENT: It includes physical therapy examination which has several components to know the exact information or for evaluation ,based on which an intervention for its correction can be given to the subject. Demographic data(name,age,gender) Chief complaints of subject History:Present and Past history (including family history,surgical history and Initial evaluation should…show more content…
2003) Palpation: Evaluating spinal deformities by feel.often paraspinal muscles are tender to touch, muscle spasm. ROM: Measures the degree to which a subject can perform movements of flexion,extension, rotation and side bending. Pain. Assessment of pain using VAS(visual analogue scale)and assessment of disability using Mac Gill quality of life questionnaire. Neurological symptoms: Pain numbness parasthesias, motor function loss,muscular atrophy,bowel and bladder involvement. Pulmonary function test: To evaluate the involvement of lungs,(lung volumes and lung capacities.) Evaluating the degree of condition.It has three degrees.First degree,second degree and third degree. First degree due to poor postural habits,if not corrected progress to second degree. Second degree changes start occurring in muscles and ligament. Third degree changes become permanent. 2.7 MANAGEMENT: According to (Katzman W.2010)there is shortage of medical intervention for patients with thoracic kyphosis,while other sources claims that surgery is necessary when subject is having uncontrolled neurological pain,cardiac or lungs problem. Generally,there is inefficiency of musculoskeletal system.Therefore,physiotherapy should be first line of approach Therefore,there are two types of management approaches . CONSERVATIVE AND SURGICAL MANAGEMENT. 1.CONSERVATIVE MANAGEMENT: It involves observation,management with medications and physical therapy.

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