What Is Violence Wrong

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At a young age, I learned that violence is not okay. I did not live in the nicest neighborhood but I did not live in the worst neighborhood. I knew something was wrong when my mom's eyes filled with horror and panic as she listened to whoever on the other side of the phone. We later found out that my aunt had called my mother from when she had went to pick up my cousins, that attended high school around the neighborhood, only to find the beaten and battered. I remember how my cousin and I freaked out once we noticed my mom hastily pulling all the herbs and medical supplies on to the table because those were only used when someone was hurt badly. I remember the Click Click sound of the stove being lit and the sound of my mom going through the cabins to find the necessary pots in order for her to boil water and herbs for their cuts and bruises. I remember my cousins, their bloodied faces and bloodied clothes, the pieces of rags stained with blood from cleaning their bodies. I remember the sickly smell of blood, how metallicy and bitter it was, I remember the grunts and screams of pain when they aides their cuts and bruises. How beads of sweat rolled down their faces and necks. How pale and ghastly they looked in contrast to their natural tan color…show more content…
I ask myself, ‘How can someone do that to a person?’ I know that violence still occurs and that it isn't right. People that are involved in situations with violence are usually scared to speak out in fear of the consequences of putting their abusers on the spot. We should put a stop to violence by speaking out and showing that we aren't afraid of the abusers. We should speak out so that those same abusers that abused you won't abuse someone else, so that no one else has to go through the agony that you went through. We should put a stop to violence because the outcome of violence leaves people hurt, mentally, emotionally, and
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