What Is Vishing Is Another Technique For Phishing

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3. Vishing
Vishing is another technique for phishing. It is not always over the internet; in fact, most vishing incidents takes place-using voice technology. Vishing typically accompanied by voice over IP, landline phone, voice email, or cellular phones. Victim receive a message stating their bank account, or credit card, or there email account has compromised or a suspicious activity took place. User needs to call a specific phone number to ensure the fraud did not take place and verify their identity. The attacker can spoof the source to a bank or a trustworthy company that will make victim believe the call is legitimate. Vishing is typically a challenging information security threat specially if occur using voice over IP. Similar to
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2. Memos: helps attacker get the information about the activities.
3. Policy manuals: it is very important for attacker. It provides information regarding information security defense and that helps attacker decide which attacks to avoid.
4. Calendars of events: help attacker determine the best time to break in.
5. System manuals & packing crates: This reveals information about the new systems and helps attacker decide which system to attack.
6. Print outs: source codes, emails with account names, and password lists normally found in wastebaskets.
7. Disks, tapes, compact disks, DVDs: This is another security concern because many employees do not shred these types of media. The attacker can extract all the information from these disks.
8. Old hard drives: if the hard drives are not shredded properly, then there is a high possibility that the information can be recovered from that hard drive.
9. Access cards: Access cards may be used to gain access in restricted areas.
E. Impersonation
Impersonation is another method of stealing information and gaining access by pretending to be somebody else. Impersonation can take place in person, over the phone, or via email. During the impersonation, the attacker can pretend to be a fellow employee, Partner Company, an auditor, new employee, another employee from satellite office, CEO, senior manager, system manufacturer, or desktop support

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