What Is Vocation For Reflection

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An acceptable definition of vocation for reflection could be “[T]he call to be faithful in the immediate context of one’s life”.1 This definition encompasses social situation, work, geography and church. I believe this should also be understood in the context of my call as a follower of Christ to live as Jesus taught and did (I John 2:6). Church locally is an ever dimming light, the message of God’s love and desire for reconciliation is being constrained within the walls and individuals. God has awoken a desire deep within me to step forward in obedience to wider ministry in His Church. I have a mountain to move in personal growth, and that action of movement must be grounded in the unfailing truths of the gospel message of love and reconciliation.

Being born of the Spirit has brought much light to ministry, fellowship and Scripture. Whilst reflecting on my own vocation in terms of my church experience. I often feel anxiety and apprehension at the current status of church life the implications for the future. Ageing and lethargic congregations are an increasing difficult backdrop in terms of introducing new people. There is a narrow subset of people based on age, social status and Christian maturity. Church generally has settled into a routine of religion and fulfilment of self. I attend several churches of different denominations sharing common issues. I am increasingly awakened to the burden on those ministering, and the gaps between the church I experience and the

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