What Is Voyeurism In Rear Window

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I chose to critique a movie called Rear Window, a realist film by Alfred Hitchcock produced in 1954. Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly and, Wendell Corey. The genre is thriller and the sub genre suspense infused with mystery. Therefore, Rear Window one of Alfred Hitchcock’s highly inspired audience participation films. When a person watches it, he feels, tantalized, shocked, and exhilarated. Further in this essay, I will summarize the plots, discuss the styles used, and deconstruct parts of the film.

The protagonist film is Jeff who is photographer that broke one of his legs and is sitting in a wheel chair by his apartment window. Having nothing to achieve, Jeff gets very board he peeks at his neighbor’s room from his rear window. With
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Hitchcock, the director points it out to the audience as he concentrates on Jeff focusing on what’s happening inside his neighborhood. Allowing the audience to stay focused, as we become voyeurs watching the various dramas unfolding. Moreover, Alfred Hitchcock has unlimited technical brilliance with a boundless ability to portray a story in a very distinctive manner. Using the techniques of dramatic variation of size to achieve other desired emotions from the audience, by cutting from long shots to extreme close ups. The story line in the film revolves around voyeurism, guilt, friendship, and sexuality. Moreover, the editing techniques in the film raise attention to the events that unfold in front of us. The shots in the movie are edited in a relatively subjective style. According to Hitchcock “Editing shouldn’t be in terms of "cutting" but rather in terms of "assembly" or "Mosaic’’ (Hitchcok, 1963, p.4). Therefor, Montage is the process or technique of selecting and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous sequence. When two shots juxtapose in such a way it gives the third shot another meaning. This is one classic examples of Alfred Hitchcock’s way of thinking. The voyeurism practiced in the film makes the audience conscious of why the protagonist is behaving in a certain

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