What Is Vulnerability?

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Vulnerability is a fundamental aspect of human existence. Much like human existence and mortality itself,vulnerability is the epitome of fragility and ambiguity. Human mortality can cease to be at any moment in time from the moment one is born. The human body, the vessel of one's soul is constantly exposed to harm in the world everyday in a physical sense, as well as mentally. Vulnerability is primarily the essence of human mortality,we are physically and mentally vulnerable the majority of the time we are alive.It can recuperate when there is a chance to express one's physical and social needs and to be esteemed similarly as one is while remaining relationally secure.

Accompanying the concept of vulnerability is dependency and self- sufficiency. Humans are brought into this
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Aristotle simply stated that the’ self-sufficient is that which makes life choiceworthy and lacking in nothing’ whilst simultaneously acknowledging that there are two interpretations of self-sufficiency. It is interesting to note that he was aware that solitary self-sufficiency is not rational or suitable for humans as they are social beings and that no one can ever be completely solitarily self-sufficient.

There is clearly a tension in Aristotle’s perspective of self-sufficiency. It is not a simple value and humans are not simple,yet complex beings.Rationally, Aristotle’s concept of solitary is not feasible, therefore political self-sufficiency seems more plausible. In essence,
The end, objective, reason (or importance) of human life is to live well. We do this by gathering, through the span of our lives, all the genuine products that compare to our regular needs; and we increment our odds of having great lives by developing great propensities. Likewise, we additionally need good
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