What Is Walt Disney's Legacy

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A Legacy that Lives On Disney is worth around 165 billion dollars, it’s hard to imagine that the man that created this company was in debt most of his life (Greene). Walt Disney had many struggles in this life, including debt, but he worked through them all. In the legacy unit, we have been researching people that have left a tremendous impact on the world. Walt Disney is a perfect example because of his tangible work such as his cartoons, movies, and of course Disneyland. As well as his wonderful charisma and hard work.
Walt Elias Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. When Walt was around ten years Walt and his family moved to Kansas City. Walt’s family consisted of his father (Elias Disney), his mother (Flora Disney), and his four siblings (Roy, Raymond, Herbert, and Ruth). Walt was a kid who cared less about school work, and more about having fun with it. He was known to draw on his homework more than complete it. As he got older he started having jobs based around drawing. Eventually, Walt decided to his own cartoon business (Greene). This small, inexperienced business is what led to Mickey Mouse, then to various Disney movies, and to eventually to Disneyland.
Walt Disney accomplished many things in his lifetime. He has won 58 awards and had been nominated for 46 times other awards (IMDb). He has won several Academy Awards, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and many more (IMDb) . But, some
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