What Is Water Mean To Me

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“When I was a boy in Macedonia I had a lot more fun than you kids do now.” My father's stories always started the same way. It was when he told these stories that I would become completely entranced, with every word he said and every adventure he had. I would listen to his stories carefully, playing them out in my head, and I would memorize them and keep them hidden within myself. Whenever I needed one of his sensational journeys to lift my spirits I would replay the tale in my mind. His adventures became the closest things I had to my own and his childhood stories are what have come to fuel not only my imagination, but are also the roots of my own storytelling experiences.. “When I was a boy in Macedonia I had a lot more fun than you kids do now. I remember very well, seeing a horse with my best friend Jeffco. The problem with this horse was that when we walked to where it was it just disappeared. But before I go into anymore detail first let me start with before we saw the horse.” My father began one of his most intriguing stories as I sat on the couch with my younger sister and brother beside me. The four of us sat in our dimly lit living room while my mom was in the kitchen preparing the night's dinner. I sat still, thinking…show more content…
His stories range from fishing mishaps to radio contests “wins”. Each one when told makes my day just a bit brighter. I hadn’t learned until recently that most of my father's stories had a lesson that could be taken out of the story. Much like how many books have themes, my father's stories had lessons that my siblings and I learned from. Sometimes the lessons would be to work hard or studying is important, but most of the times his stories were just reminders of not just his childhood adventure, but also to remind us that determination can get you out of a life of poverty to a life of
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