What Is Water? Water Is A Colorless, Transparent, Odorless,

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What is water? Water is a colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid which forms our seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. It is one of the most important resources on earth. Humans, animals, and plants all must have water to survive. Water is used for more than just drinking. We cook with it, bath in it, wash clothes, wash cooking and eating utensils, recreation, keeping houses and communities clean, and keeping plants alive. There are a few places that we can collect water. Surface water is water that falls to the ground like rain or hail. The water is collected in a catchment. Then water is stored usually by using a dam or reservoir. Rivers, lakes, springs, rock catchment areas, rock…show more content…
Societies need more clean water than we can get from precipitation and surface water, and that is why groundwater is used so often. There are many causes of groundwater depletion, it can be hard to tell where to begin. Most commonly, groundwater depletion occurs because of frequent pumping of water from the ground. We are pumping the water more quickly than it can renew, which is leading to a precarious shortage of groundwater supply. As the population continues to rise in the world, we pump more water at a rapid rate, and increases the difficulty for the groundwater to provide us with the amount of water that we require. We are also pumping groundwater from aquifers continuously, not allowing enough time to replenish itself. Water runs freely through saturated rocks that are known as aquifers. While aquifers come in both large and small, they are the underground water reserves that absorb water and hold it. This enables us to pump it up for use. The amount of water that they can hold is impressive and can provide billions of gallons of water a day. This may seem plentiful; however, groundwater is responsible for providing up to 40% of freshwater in the world so there isn’t the capacity for the aquifer to recollect quick enough to be continually sourced for our use. A large amount of groundwater is required for agricultural needs. It will be difficult to provide drinking water and water for crops and animals that

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