What Is Web Security?

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What is Web Security? (10 sentences)
Websites, which connect the information across the globe through a complex network are unfortunately susceptible to security risks. Hence, the webservers connected to its network are unsafe too. Webservers can be considered as service windows which open your network to the entire world. So, the entire scenario depends on design of that window. Engineering it to filter the amount and type of information you need to pass through it is the main point on which web security depends. Email service is the best example for such a window. As email and web technologies congregate, a great rise in number of security threats in terms of creativity and effectiveness is observed. Hence, to eradicate this nightmare,
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Additionally, some malware creates a denial of service by design, increasing the possibility of an attack on the organization’s infrastructure. While most organizations understand denial of service very well since it impacts productivity but many ignore the impact on confidentiality and integrity. Attackers access the organization’s data they can use this to sell to third parties and make a profit.

What are the security risk of a static website? (10 sentences)
A static webpage is delivered to the user exactly as stored and displays the same set of information for all users, from all context and subjected to modern capabilities of a web server. Hence, it can be sometimes inevitable to make such webpages risk free. As they are quick & cheap to develop, there are many loopholes in it. Moreover, to update them, expert advice is needed. Here are some of the risks take place in static website:
The term refers to attacks where the victim is led to believe that he or she is on a legitimate website, when in fact it is just a copy of the real one.
Web browser exploits:
Cybercriminals have also set up websites that exploit security holes in the web browser as this technique allows them to gain access without the victim’s knowledge.
Third party add-ons:
The majority of
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