What Is Whataburger's Training Process?

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Whataburger has 650 quick service restaurants with 20,000+ employees. Whataburger's corporate teams carefully develop the processes and procedures that should be followed by all locations to serve the products for which we are known. The Training & Development Department is aligned with Marketing in the Brand Development Department, following the theory that Marketing makes a promise to our customers, and Training delivers upon it. In a fast-paced environment, it is common for employees to look for workarounds and shortcuts to the standard procedures. Beginning in 1996, Whataburger began holding a "corporate Olympics", known as WhataGames, with the stated purpose of refocusing every restaurant on using effective training to "hit the reset button" …show more content…

The goal is to reinforce the use of the existing training tools. During the initial competition, all units are Mystery Shopped 10 times per month for two months. Additionally, a live Call Center is used to call every unit 6 times per month for two months. During this call, the person who answers must complete a 5 question quiz on proper standards.

Based upon these scores, a number of units are named as Semi-finalists, each of which is inspected "curb to kitchen" for quality, service, friendliness and cleanliness.

These scores are used to name 16 Finalist Restaurants who will compete at the WhataGames Finals held in conjunction with the Whataburger National Convention.

After a store is chosen for the finals the store will choose 10 employees for the competition. This is done by the area manager sitting all the employee's interesting in going down and testing them on store and cleaning procedures. This is done so that the most knowledgeable employee's are selected and all employee's have a fair chance in going. The team has to consist of one General Manager, one Manager, two Team Leaders and 6 Team Members. For the next two months before the competition the team will practice in and outside of

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