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Working towards a solution
Personal Level
Working towards a solution needs to start at the personal level because in order to change the world, individuals need to first be willing to change themselves. There are many opportunities to participate on a personal level to help combat hunger. One way to personally fight hunger and increase food security is to grow your own produce and produce for your neighbor. By growing personal vegetables, reliance on grocery stores for fresh produce is taken out of the picture. Less waste is produced when food is personally grown and it is inexpensive. Serving food at a homeless shelter or food pantry nearby is another personal way to get involved. Volunteering time is beneficial for both the volunteer
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2017)”. The restaurant offers fresh food prepared from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. It is expected that if a person regularly eats a meal at Bistro163 and cannot pay, they should volunteer their time as a payment. It is also an expectation that patrons pay more than the suggested price in order to help others have a meal. It is a pay-it-forward system. Places like Bistro163 address hunger in a dignified manner while at the same time building relationships throughout the community. If more communities adopted this idea, areas of food insecurity could turn into places where worrying about food becomes a thing of the past.
National Level
Communities that work together can create a difference within their own town or state and also on a national level. Natural disasters have a big impact on people and food security, so providing emergency assistance is one way a person could have a national effect on fighting hunger. Currently in the US, many people are facing the effects of hurricane’s firsthand. A hurricane makes it challenging for travel, leaving grocery stores empty and poorly stocked. Many people are willing to volunteer and travel to places of natural disaster to provide aid to those in need. Organizations such as the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) respond to natural or civil disasters of such magnitude that a community cannot possibly recover on their

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