What Is Worth Having A College Education

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The worth of a college education varies vastly depending on what students get per dollar. Initially I had set out to prove to prove that it is worth having a college education, but my thesis changed in regards to what one would call worth having. “Statistics about future earnings potential coupled with the more complex world we live in have convinced millions that the true and only pathway to success in life is receiving a college education.” (Anonymous, 2015) Which is true for grand majority of the people, especially those living in growing economies instead of developed nations. But, ever increasing tuition fees and job insecurities of today steer more and more people away from private big name universities. Therefore, in this paper I will make the point of not having that private university education to leap into a debt-free future.
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Based on US data, back in the mid 70’s a median household income was just under $13.000, a new home was around $36.000 and private college costs were around $2.000. Fast forwarding to 2015, we see the median income has increased to $52.000 for an American family, a house costs about two thirds of 70’s, college education however have risen over five folds at a minimum to $10.300 with some costing as much as $50.000 (Davidson, 2015, para.2) This has created such a financial problem for the society that, US Government is proposing a new bill called College for All Act that will make junior colleges available to all citizens at zero cost with funding coming from the Wall Street earnings and alike.(Anonymous, 2015, para.7) Families forgoing their retirement plans to pay for their children’s college education may have a chance with programs like
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