What Is Wrong With Slavery, R. M. Hare

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In "What is Wrong with Slavery", R. M. Hare argues for why freedom should be a human right. There are psychological and behavioral aspect in regards to Hare 's argument to where utility is the main contributing factor. Hare goes into saying that utility helps to distinguish the reason why Utilitarian 's would accept this virtue in slavery because of the benefits that would come from having slaves. Utilitarian 's can argue over slavery being wrong because of the loss of utility outweighing the supposed happiness that would be a possible gain from having slave-owners and slaves. Add more... Utilitarianism is one of the moral theories that literally only acts on gaining or developing the use for having utility, or what is also known as happiness. Pleasure is a helpful key word to define utility because it is the opposite of feeling pain. As long as there stands a high level of utility, there will be actions to obtain it and no matter how much morality is provided or taken away. Such pleasure can be from the act of the utilitarian in which... Add more examples to this paragraph. The argument is that enslaving people maximizes utility. Hare believes in this argument, but takes this argument a little bit further by developing his own hypothetical example to where enslaving would maximize utility in an aggregate formation. The example consists of the island of Juba and how its colonization of slaves had a leader who took control over the island. There are problems to be fixed as
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