What Is Yield Management Has A Positive Financed Impact On The Company, We Can Name

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1.1 .Expected benefits:
Yield management has a positive financed impact on the company, we can name:
1.1.1 Revenue improvement with a constant cost:
Tools like pricing differentiation and over booking contribute to raise airline company revenues without a significant increase, so an efficient use of these tools do not only increase revenues, but also improve benefits.
Considering that seats in an airline company are its stock, revenue management is based on good management and a good distribution of its stock, the aim of YM is to sell every available seat in the stock of the company with the best price in order to obtain the best possible results which maximizes the global revenue at the end.
1.1.2. Traffic shaping by tariff attraction:
An efficient revenue management presents the companies with other advantages; infect running the availabilities of each departure permits the growth of benefits not only on the full flights but also on the flight where the plane is too big, on these flights, offering low prices or more low fare seats can also direct demand outside the full flights and allows a better use of availabilities in total.
1.1.3. Distribution of the contribution in results:
The contribution in results is represented in average as follows :
• About 50% of profits come from overbooking.
• 25% as a consequence of market demand protection.
• 15% as an optimization of offers on class reservations.
• 10% of profits are provided buy sells.
1.2. Tactical tool against the
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