•What Is Your Biggest Take-Away From The Message?. •How

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• What is your biggest take-away from the message? • How would you describes God’s original relationship with Adam & Eve? • How would you describe the relationship that God intends to have with us today? • What does it mean for sin to cloud your awareness of God in your life? How does sin have the potential to derail our God given destiny? • Describe a time in your life when you were far from God/hiding from God. In hindsight, in what ways was God trying to show Himself in your life? o How were you clouded from seeing his plan in the midst of your struggle? What is one area of your life that you know is clouding your perspective of God in your life. Whether it is a sin, a circumstance, or a relationship/friendship; what is one way…show more content…
Sometimes we do things for God, but don’t get a response or an answer. • Should we still do things for God even if we don’t see an answer? Sometimes when we invite friends to Epic, they completely ignore us. But that doesn’t mean we should give up. Your challenge is to pray for 3 friends AND invite them to an Epic event. Wednesday/6 Hour Madness/ Camp ..etc. We have to have the same persistence as Elijah and his servant. • What is your biggest take-away from the message? • Why do you believe Jonah fled in the opposite direction of Ninevah (where God had called him)? • Even since Jonah ran away, why do you think God still used Jonah? • How did God show His protection, provision, and purpose for Jonah in this story? • Read Jonah 3:10-4:4 • Why do think Jonah was angry at God? • Why do you think God asked Jonah “Is it right for you to be angry about this?” • In Jonah 4:10 – God says that he cares for the people of Ninevah who are living in spiritual darkness. What does “spiritual darkness mean? • Where is God calling you? Who is God calling you to speak to in order to rescue them from “spiritual darkness”? • What is your biggest take-away from the message? • Although the Lord protected Daniel, what was Daniel’s role in overcoming the Lion’s Den? • How did God use Daniel’s ordinary routine to prepare him for the Lion’s den? • What do Daniel’s actions teach you about the opportunity we have to play into God’s story? • Share a story

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