What Is Your Ideal Self? Essay

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What is your ideal self? Do you want to be a college graduate, married, mother/father, homeowner, cultured, musical? Your current state is called the actual self and the person that you want to be is called the ideal self. An ideal self-concept is how you would like a situation or outcome to be, for example completing a degree program or not being stuck in traffic. Actual self-concept is what your current situation or outcome is, for example being in school for a degree or being stuck in traffic. For one to achieve their goal, they must work hard to move through the difficult phases of their goals. Different personalities create and complete different types of goals, some individuals have many life goals along with smaller goals within that in order to achieve them, in this research they will be referred to as future minded-thinkers. Other individuals do very little planning for the future, therefore they have little to no goals set for their future, in this research they will be referred to as present minded-thinkers. The best way to gain information about an individual’s personality is to ask them what kind of person they are (Back, Egloff, & Schmukle, 2009). Research suggests that type A personalities have three major components; competitive achievement striving, time urgency, and hostility (Strube, et al., 1986). In this study, we will want to determine what individuals are type A and type B personalities in or determine if type A personalities complete more self-made
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