What Is Your Minecraft Username?

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What is your Minecraft Username?: My Minecraft In Game Name Is DannerPvp How old are you?: I Am 16 Years Of Age What timezone Are you in?: I 'm In The Mountain Time Zone How long do you play on the server daily?: I Play Every Day For Around 9-11 Hours Each Day In The Summer And When School Starts Again I Can Always Play 4-5 Hours Each Day Have you got any experience?: I am currently a Admin on a server called VoidFactions and an T-Mod on HyperMC I also used to be an ex-HeadMod on another server which happened to close down for lack of money. Also Some Things You Should Know About Me My Weakness- I have only one weakness that I could think of at the top of my head, which is a very crowded environment. I have a problem with stress sometimes. If many people are asking me to do something of if many people are talking to me at the same time I can get a little stressed out. But I have learned over experience that I must calm down and focus on any task at hand. My Strengths- I am a very kind person to all. I love helping people out with anything. Unlike a lot of people I respond to questions as soon as I possibly can. I am a very welcoming person. How long have you played this server?: Well I Have Only Been Playing For Only A Couple Of Days Now But I 'm Loving Every Second Of It Because Of How Amazing The Community Is! Why do you wish to be staff on PyreHCF: I have noticed that there has been a lack of staff members and I am tired of finding hackers and so much

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