What Is a Professional Learning Community

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What is a Professional Learning Community?
NaKishia D. Glenn
Gardner-Webb University

Throughout this paper you will be able to gain more knowledge on what a Professional Learning Community (PLC) is. I will explore two different areas: general characteristics of PLCs and the big ideas that are associated with them. I will refer to different types of students throughout this paper. When I mention high achievers I will be referring to those are students whose test scores put them in the top twenty-five percent nationwide amongst their peers; when I mention low achievers I am speaking of those students that perform lower than the median of their peers. PLC refers to Professional Learning Community. S.M.A.R.T Goals: Specific,
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2. Create high-performing teams. “PLCs are built on a collaborative culture, where school leaders and teachers work together to achieve their collective purpose of learning for all.”
Within this big idea we, as teachers, develop norms, SMART goals and procedures for which the PLC is to be run. By having a specific process that is followed during meeting times it keeps the focus of the group on the learning of the child. When we explore the structure and process of an effective PLC we one or more of the five characteristics: System Thinking, Personal Mastery, Team Learning, Challenging Mental Needs, and Shared Vision. (Pearson Custom: Education, Executive Leadership in the 21st Century MELS 601 p.25) Of these characteristics the most important one for creating high-performing teams is Team Learning. As I stated earlier, if we learn as a team then we will be more apt to see growth and development in our students because we will then be on the same thinking path of student achievement. 3. Assess effectiveness of all students learning at high levels based on results. “PLCs judge their effectiveness on outcomes related to the holistic development of their students.”
Within PLCs the professional teaching team should be using relevant data as a means to improve what is happening inside the classroom. If the team is indeed using the data that is
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