What Is the Best Methodology for Development of Web Applications?

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Contents 1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Discuss DSDM and WISDM 4.1 Technical Design 4.2 Organizational & Information Analysis 4.3 People 4. Conclusions 5. References 1. Abstract Although there is increasing methodology are used to develop web application. But whether there is the best methodology for development of web applications. This paper reviews the literature in the area of method for web applications. One is DSDM the other is WISDM. And use SWOT to analysis the advantage and disadvantage for each of method. It compared with three aspects: Technique Design, Organizational & Information Analysis and People. Then draw the conclusion by analyzing. 2. Introduction An…show more content…
Opportunities DSDM provides a technique- independent process and flexible in terms of requirement evolution. The team members must be strict control time and budget adherence. WISDM makes systems more flexible, more easily extensible and less costly to maintain. Threats Once the team members are irresponsible for the development, the project probably failure. WISDM is lack of entire system design that causes irrationality of system architecture. 3.2 Organizational & Information Analysis Key issues from DSDM and WISDM of organizational & information analysis could be summarized by SWOT (Johnson, et al, 2008). Strengths Stapleton (1997) commented that all changes during development are reversible. There is appearing abnormal condition during in the interactive and incremental development. Team members can return to right place to check for errors at any time. The focus is on frequent delivery of products and fitness for business purpose is the essential criterion for acceptance of deliverables (Stapleton, 1997). The users can change any request and requirement in specific time. Product or intermediate product should be delivered to users and ensure meet users requirement in each stage. The method and tools of configuration management should be not effect factors of development. The team members should be delivering high-quality software instead of set of quality
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