What Is the Best Way to Educate Our Children

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What Is The Best Way to Educate Our Children?

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Janie Davis

What Is The Best Way to Educate Our Children?

Education has been in a crisis for a long time in America, but few can agree on a solution to this open-ended problem which debated by both experts and lay persons. Federal and state policies need creation and enactment for targeted assistance to schools needing improvements, like low-income schools and public schools that are failing to meet the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) goals. Students deserve the best education possible, but there are many complicating factors. One factor is formulating challenging state academic content standards which
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There should also be concerns about overcrowded classrooms, teacher incompetence, and lack of supervision while students are on the computers. Armstrong and Casement (2003) believe that in the presence of technology, the teacher’s role in promoting learning becomes more difficult, as technology often works to conceal students’ thinking about fundamental concepts. It diminishes the need to attend seriously to prior knowledge, to use meta-cognitive strategies, question prior ideas, generate examples, compare alternative solutions, grapple with new experiences, make sense of those new experiences, make new connections and analyze whether prior connections continue to make sense. Computers make the student rely on the computer instead of making the choices himself. Armstrong and Casement (2003) assume classroom problems will only be exacerbated by more extensive or more creative use of computers in the classroom, while there are studies that show this does not necessarily have to be the case. Many teachers have found computers to be an effective tool to increase student participation and performance. They point to effective teachers for the solution, but their supporting evidence against computer usage is not conclusive. While there may be problems with using computers appropriately in the classroom, it is uncertain whether continuing
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