What Is the Connection Between Religion and Terrorism?

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What is the Connection Between Religion and Terrorism?
Recalling the last twenty years, what is observed is the resurfacing of the drive for terrorism all due to one’s religious belief. One can accept that there is a logical link between religion and terrorism. The link being complicated in nature, aims attention to the role religion plays in violence being legitimized.
Religious terrorism is considered to be a type of political violence that is driven by the outright faith that a deity has authorized the act of terrorism for a much greater triumph in that faith. Gus Martin defines religious terrorism as a religion legalizing violence as long as such violence is the desire of an individual’s deity. In today’s society, religion has become
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It was in the 1980’s that the surfacing of religious terrorism took place. Other decades however has seen a development of secular motivation ethnonationalists. In 1979, the sovereignty of Shah Muhammed Reza Pahlavi was overthrown; this was one of the significant points in history. In addition to that, a Theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran was created by The Revolution. Throughout the 1980’s terrorist development in many countries was sponsored by Iran. Its primary goal was to institute an Islamic regime identical to the one found in Iran. Its own revolution gave affirmation to what could be achieved. It showed the world how powerful the driven force of religion is in the period of a decrease of ideologies.
Its alliance with Hezbollah, the Islamic political body currently in power in Lebanon, can be used as a good example for Iranian support. The Shi’a movement Hezbollah (Party of God) in Lebanon was an advocate for the population of Shi’a. It was during the Israel’s 1982 invasion and the Lebanese civil war that the organization emerged being a great advocate for the independence of Lebanese and with justice for the population of Shi’a. The actions of Hezbollah provide great support for the profound link between terrorism and religion. Their actions derived from extreme religious motives merge with the rigid political environment in which it functions. The Lebanon’s Shi’a population makes up about half of the Muslims in Lebanon. Under the rulership of

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