What Is the Conscience? How Does “Natural Law” Work to Inform Our Conscience?

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REL123 August 18, 2013 Before I start anything about how what is conscience and how natural law work to inform our conscience, I will first give a little emphasis on what conscience is. According to Mueller in Theological Foundation on p.222, define conscience as something that involves several aspects of human reaction. He further explains that Conscience is a huge part of the human character that makes him or her to know and do good. He also explained further that Conscience is also a way to for us human being to determine what is good and what is evil. The second Vatican Council explained that “Conscience is the voice of God written in our hearts”. In dictionary.com, Conscience is said to be the inner sense of what is right or wrong…show more content…
Whenever you do something either good or bad, after which you have finish doing that which you had done, your Conscience kicks in. How you feel about what you have done will determine the level of your Conscience. How Natural law works to inform our Conscience is very paramount because it is a fact that fashion our decision on how to make or know what is right and what is wrong. In nut shell, helps us identify what is evil and good. Different scholars from different perspective explains on what we can consider to be a Natural Law. Aristotle, Plato et al sees Natural law as a moral theory of knowledge of law, which maintains that law should be based on morality and ethics. Natural Law shows that the law is based on what’s “correct.” Natural Law is “founded” by people through the ability of reason about good and evil or choosing between good and evil. Therefore, Natural Law finds its power in finding certain common acceptable standards in morality and ethics. As we all know that Aquinas wasn’t the only and the first philosopher to approach natural law; with that being said, it shows that this concept of natural law is as old as Western philosophy, so for the sake of history, let us have an idea of the scholars before him. The Sophists made a difference between laws of the State and nature, but considered the laws of nature as the higher priority over laws of the State. They said laws of the State must conform to laws of nature. In

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