What Is the Inspectors Role in the Novel an Inspector Calls? Essay

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What is the Inspectors role in the novel An Inspector Calls? The Inspector plays an intriguing role in J.B Priestley’s Inspector Calls. There are many different interpretations of the Inspectors role in the play but in my opinion he represents the author Priestley without the audience knowing until the end of the play. The Inspector as a character is used to show Priestley’s views of social and political unjust of his time. Priestley does this by giving the inspector power to, question each character in the same way ‘socialism’, question people in a higher in a way the his not supposed to make most of the characters accept responsibility for the death and for one another, makes each character have self neglect and by showing the…show more content…
When asked by Birling if he would like a drink the Inspector replies “No thank you, Mr Birling. I’m on duty.” This shows that the Inspector is very professional in his business and cannot be influenced by exterior factors such as alcohol. At the start of the play the social pecking order is determined by age and gender with Mr. Birling coming out on top. However Priestley gets the audience to change their opinions on who is in fact the superior member of the cast by using the Inspector as a tool to change the focus by making each member of the vulnerable and placing a great deal of responsibility upon each character. The order gets rearranged in the reader’s minds so that it is now based on morals with the younger generation appearing to have taken on more responsibility unlike their elders. This generational gap is another idea Priestley is hinting at suggesting that the older generation are not open minded enough and are unwilling to change their views. Eric and Sheila take responsibility for what the Inspector has told them where as their parents fail to do so. Sheila stands up to the rest of the family and says “Everything we said had happened really happened.” She is told to stop being silly by Mr. Birling but the reader knows that she is speaking the truth and Mr. Birling just can’t accept it. His opinions on the events were “The whole story’s just a lot of
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