What Is the Role and Responsibility of the Teacher in Lifelong Learning Sector

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What is the role and responsibility of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector? The roles and responsibilities of a teacher in the field of lifelong learning sector that covers all publicly funded post-16 education outside universities are extremely varied and diverse. When examined closely the diverse roles of a teacher, trainer, assessor or tutor, seem to be associated a multitude/body of expectations. Ideally the teacher should have the ability to combine roles and responsibilities in a way, which firstly benefit the pupil, the education system but also the community and ultimately the state and its economy. Teachers in (LLLS) must provide significant assistance in training people, either after completion of compulsory schooling…show more content…
In this context it is important to note that currently more students are in Further Education than at university. One in five adults now is studying in FE, 3/4 of the students are 19 years or older. The teacher lifelong learning contributes to the transformation/“creation” of students aiming for them to become active citizens. As a result this will expend the number of people who work socially and ethically responsible towards those in authority but also amongst individuals. This contributes to the creation of social cohesion. This process also encourages students to actively participate in community issues and thus engages them critically on a wider base on a national level. The students for lifelong learning, with the help of their teachers, become aware of how to effectively engage in public life, acquire appropriate knowledge, develop specific skills, acquiring values, upon which they can build their lives. It is important that teachers of lifelong learning keep up to date within their professional field through continuing professional development, aiming to evolve and develop their own teaching skills. A teacher’s duties involve a multitude of responsibilities. Amongst others, monitoring and reporting their pupils achievements in order to document student’s progress. The tutor is obliged to treat all
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