What It Has The Most Beautiful And Famous Island Of The World

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Bora Bora, a small South Pacific island locates just northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia (see appendix 1 for details). It has been argued that it is the most beautiful and famous island of the world. Bora Bora has a tropical climate. [It is] characterized by a hot and wet season during the austral summer from November to April and a colder and dried period in the austral winter from May to October (Gischler et al., 2016). Bora Bora is considered a small volcano island. The volcanic island of Bora Bora is densely wooded and covers an area of about 30km2 with the highest point Mount Otemanu rising up to 727m above sea level (Isaack et al., 2016). It is also surrounded by a vast amount of coral reefs. The island has a population of around…show more content…
Tahiti is the largest island among the French Polynesian. It accounts for a quarter of the islands ' total land area. Half of Tahiti 's population lives in its major urban center, the capital city of Papeete ("French Polynesia.", 2016). Air Tahiti is the only air carrier that is available. [It] provides regular schedule flights between Bora Bora and Papeete, as well as to serval other French Polynesian islands (Champion, n.d.). There is also a port for cruise ship arrivals. In addition, there is ferries that connect to other islands in the region. In response to the increasing amount if visitors in the island, a sustainable development strategy should be developed. The plan will be taken thorough a top down approach where the local government first implements laws or regulations. Then move on to regional, provincial and international level. Not to mention, Tahiti tourism is highly involved as well as the collaboration with the government.
Future Tourism Development Strategy for the destination
The plan will be focused on coral reefs around the coastline of Bora Bora (see appendix 3 for details). At this time, the tourism industry is disrupting the ecosystem based on tourism activities. They are mainly focused on the lagoon. For instance, swimming, walking on coral reef and scuba diving. Gabrie et al. (1994) argued that there are conflicts between locals and tourists activities. For instance,

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