What It Is Costing The World

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What Ignorance Is Costing the World By the year 2050, it is predicted that the world population will be approaching approximately 9.5 billion people, and there will need to be a 100% increase in food production with 70% of that increase coming from technology. The remaining 30% of the increase needed in food production will come from educating the public about agricultural production, cutting food waste, and improving animal husbandry and crop production practices to better use our existing resources. Before we can attempt to cut food waste or begin to change any practices in the agricultural production industry, we must educate the public about the need to do both. As stated in an article published in Animal Frontiers, effective communication is key to the future of the food animal industries, and much of what consumers come to know about these industries and their practices is found through social media, and is often inaccurate (Hamernik and Johnson 4-5). Much of this information sheds production agriculture in a negative light, which is costly to the industry and food production. Dr. Stein stated in an Introduction to Animal Science lecture that the use of BST is nonexistent in the dairy industry, despite a 15% increase in milk production, simply because the public had negative conceptions about what BST is and the effects it has on cows and humans. As of right now, our food supply is missing a potential increase of 15% from the dairy industry due to a lack of
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