What It Look Like By Terrance Hayes Essay

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“What it look like” by Terrance Hayes is a poem that stresses the impact that racism has on the African American community. The speaker successfully portrays the obvious discrimination that blacks experience and that the white community does not know that they have power. Through the examination of the deeper and apparent meaning, powerful emotions and connections to society, the speaker is able to craft the argument that exposes white power and discrimination towards blacks. Terrance Hayes uses a unique word choice to show the readers what he goes through as an African American. Hayes also uses produces a rhythm of longer lines to create tension in the poem. In today’s society, racism is becoming more of a major issue and has not improved due to social media. Social media is increasingly becoming more influential which is changing the perspective of how one feels about different races. African Americans are perceived by others to be these awful individuals that are most likely to be perpetrators of crime due to social media. The media does instill racial stereotype on African Americans. This issue is important because discrimination in America has led to police brutality. Individuals look at African Americans to be dangerous because the media portray it to be a bigger issue than what it already is. Nevertheless, what one fails to realize is that it’s not just African Americans that are experiencing racism, it is everybody in the world and still the social media fails to
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