What It Means For Be Latino By Clara E. Rodriguez

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Clara E. Rodriguez wrote an essay titled, "What It Means To Be Latino". In this essay she explains the difference between the terms Hispanic and Latino. She elaborated on how the term "Hispanic" was created by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1970, to use it as a general term to describe all of the people who came from, or, had parents who came from a Spanish speaking country. Then she states that the term "Latino", is a term considered to be more neutral and racially inclusive by many people in this population, although she made a good point of view, it still failed to describe the more complexity on the meaning of the term Latino. Personally I consider myself a Latino, because from these two terms it is the one that describes better my origins and my roots. I was born and raised in the Northern Mexican state of Durango, up to the age of 18, then life brought me to the U.S. I later became a U.S. citizen and that makes me a Mexican American, a term that more specifically fits my personal group (first Mexican, then naturalized American) but that is directed to those interested in my legal status, not in which ethnic group I fit better. I was raised in a city with a big influence from other Mexican states, and the U.S. being as close as a 10 hour drive, it had a lot of influence as well. I had the pleasure of listening to all sorts of music and dancing styles, also learning about traditions from south and Central American countries.
I can attest to Clara Rodriguez…
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