What It Means For The American Identity

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Nour Hassan Mrs. Nahsohn English 11A 8 December 2014 What it means to be an American The urban planners built communities, roads, stores, centers etc., under the vision of the American Identity. Families could choose to practice a religion, go to a school of their preference, and be treated fairly. Every July 4th, individuals celebrate this great country, America, and their involvement in the American Identity. The analysis of the American Identity is portrayed through four fundamental principles that support the right to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, those being religion, education, equality, and freedom. In religion, with the core values of belief, one attains spirituality and lives according to scripture, which is what enticed the Puritans to America. The Puritans were a group of Protestants in England who believed that the Church wasn’t reformed enough. In 1603, when James I became the King of England, English Puritan leaders asked the King to sanction more reforms, but many of their proposals were denied. As time passed and the hierarchy became more and more harsh, many Puritans were prosecuted and forced to flee to Europe and America. But why would they want to alter the church? Those who favored the reformation of the Church of England believed that “the Bible was God’s true law, and that it provided a plan for living” (“Puritans,” para. 2), and that conflicted with the Church of England since the Puritans thought that the Church wasn’t completely rid
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