What It Means To Be A Co-Captain

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Leadership can mean different things to different people. I learned that the hard way when I wasn’t chosen to be a co-captain for my varsity soccer team.

I had played for this coach’s club team for eight years and he had recently become my high school's varsity coach. For years, I had started every game as a central defender. My teammates have always recognized me as a leader. I explained to the coach why I was qualified to be co-captain. He dismissed my argument, stating he was looking for people who “would create a stronger bond off the field.” For him, effective leadership equals social popularity. I disagree. Being a leader means to carry the weight of the group on your shoulders, to inspire others to contribute as much as possible, and to stand up for them when they need you. Leadership sometimes requires challenging conventional thinking. You don’t need to be the most popular person to be an effective leader, but you do need to earn the respect and trust of those you lead. The desire to lead and sacrifice for the better of the group simply comes from within.
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I responded to the coach saying “I will continue to play and act like a leader as I have for so many years, even if I am not selected as a third captain.” What I learned from this experience is that leadership is more than a title; it is the meaning beyond the title that makes a true
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