What It Means To Be A Progressive Summary

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What I Discovered Before one is introduced to the concepts and political ideologies of these individuals, he or she must look at the base of all Social Justice Warrior’s beliefs. This ideology consists of social progressiveness. In his “What it Means to Be a Progressive”, self-proclaimed social progress advocate John Halpin elaborates on four qualities within the progressive attitude, and how the translate to the initial purpose of federal government. These qualities include freedom, opportunity, responsibility, and cooperation. The quality with freedom and opportunity is that they should be given to everyone, and be uninterfered with by the government. Responsibility relates with “common morales”, and how societies must work together to teach…show more content…
This of course was a time full of social injustice and civil inequalities between different races as well as genders. The century consisted of social norms that included enslavement upon Africans as well as the degrading of women to an extreme level. In her article on the inequalities between men and women of the time, Rosanne Tomyn discusses the significant differences in wages as well as education which are both in the favor of men. This injustice has sparked many protests to further the nation to a path of equality, and these early social movements showed great efficiency as the nineteenth amendment was signed to give women the right to vote in the early twentieth century. Similar events occurred with minorities and the civil rights movement, as slavery was abolished in Southern states due to the Emancipation Proclamation, and equality among all races has become a reality due to several protests and social movements. This use of the ideology of social progress was undoubtedly necessary to establish a community with equity through tolerance within the United States, but since recent decades, these social justice advocates have not done much to benefit society as it seems we have reached a point of equality. The ideas within a social justice warrior are nothing new to society, but change throughout time has made them more extreme, but also
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