What Does It Mean To Be An Immigrant?

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She works a 8-10 shift, comes home to a family of 5, and always teaches us good lessons. She has raised us and Will continue to do So "You held to get good grades, don't get Played by boys, and always help others even it they did wrong. And never keep hate in your heart." words I've grown up with. those are the words of my mother. Coming home tired every day was her, but I never seemed to care. My mom, 45, is a thin yet Strong-willed woman. whenever she returns home from a long clay of work, she always asks for Massages And I ALWAYS complain. "Ugh, Why do I have to do this?" Or "What do I get in return?" Were my answers. Looking back at it I regret it when I was the one to complain and not my mom. I'm the one who sits at home all day and does…show more content…
She's been in the hospital multiple times; from surgeries to disease scares, to her been sick. I always forget about her health. Putting myself in her life made me feel like a terrible, inconsiderate child. Being an immigrant at age 14, and not being able to understand a Piece of English was very Challenging for her. AS She grew UP she began understanding American life. flash forward to multiple years later, She now has a husband And 7 Children to tend to, 2 of which have moved Out of the nest. when she comes home, there is always a mess. As I massage her, I notice that she's gotten skinnier. My mom's hands are wrinkled and Petit. She Always Starts falling Asleep in the middle of the massage. I imagine myself having to work long hours While Putting my children's health before mine. It's very hard to do. You get tired but they are your Prized too sessions. I'd always be giving, Pro­viding everyone with what they need or want. Uov wouldn't get much in return besides love, which Who isn't fine with that? For a few years when I WAS young, I Would 90 to my mom'S Work area After school and On the Weekends. I helped Around a little bit, but the majority of my time was spent in the back room Playing on an
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