What It Means To Be Gay

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“The music you’re listening to is gay!” exclaims my best friend.
Feeling embarrassed, I turned the music off. I didn't think my music was lame.
“It was on the radio. It's not really the usual music I listen to.” Do you see the problem with the usage of the word gay here? Gay used to mean bright and happy but now it has become an insult. The term today literally refers to a male homosexual person. After many years the word gay has changed its meaning and its meaning continues to constantly change today. When gay first came to be a word it meant bright or showy, like a rainbow. The word presently and popularly is used to as an insult but the word's actual meaning refers to a homosexual male. Presently, people use gay in two different meanings, some use it literally and some use it as profanity or insult. Unfortunately, as a society by using a term in this way it shows that as a society we aren't as acceptable, judgmental, homophobic people.
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Gay became a word in the twelfth century in England. Again the original meaning behind gay was, something “joyful” or “full of mirth.” Flash forward to five centuries later, in the 17th century, gay refered to being good or bad. In the Oxford dictionary during the 17th century gay meant “addicted to pleasures and dissipations. Often euphemistically: Of loose and immoral life”. Moving on to the nineteenth century, the word gay developed an even more negative meaning. It became known as female prostitute and a male that had an abundance of sex. Even with the word changing meanings and definitions, it was still not a word that people used regularly to describe prostitutes. Further into time, gay became to mean a male having sexual intercourse with another male. In 1995 gays new definition was put into the dictionary. This definition had lasted until present time. While the word has changed its meaning, it is most commonly defined as a homosexual
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