What It Means To Be Sovereign

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The point of praying is that it benefits believers more than it benefits God. This is shown in at least two of the four elements of prayer. In the elements of adoration and confession, God does not depend on a person’s praise for existence. But believers do. Adoration is an essential part of one’s spiritual growth. If Christians are to develop a close relationship with their heavenly Father, it is important they come to Him with honor, reverence, adoration, and love. It is also important that people submit their sins before His throne, even though He knows what they are ( What does it mean to be sovereign? A sovereign person can be referred to as a person who has supreme power or authority ( One might think an…show more content…
He has ordained all things from the foundation of the world to all eternity. He is the Most High, Lord over heaven and earth. He is absolutely independent, influenced by no one, and does whatever He pleases (The Sovereignty of God 19). One might think of God’s sovereignty different from a human form of sovereignty simply because when someone says that God is sovereign, they are implying that He knows all thing, past, present, and future. But humans do not have the ability to know all things because they are imperfect and are not in control over everything that comes to be. God does know all things, is completely perfect, and has the ability to have supreme authority and power over heaven and earth (Chosen by God). An example of God's sovereignty can be his attribute of immutability. Immutability is referred to as God’s unchanging nature and will. All that God is today, He has ever been, and will ever be. “Because God has no beginning and no ending, He can know no change” (The Attributes of God 37). Christ’s immutability defines all of his other attributes. He is unchanging in his wisdom, knowledge and purpose. Malachi 3:6 states, “For I, the Lord, do not change” (English Standard Version Bible). Christ is never changing in his plans from the very beginning of creation to eternity. Sovereignty claims that God, the Creator of the world, is continually sustaining, and renewing it (Bruce Milne
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