What It Means to Be Defined as Female in the 21st Century

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How do you believe your response relates to your surroundings? How does creativity impact your response? What does it mean to be a creative woman versus a creative man? These questions can help us understand femininity and how creativity plays an underlying role in prevalent gender differences that we endure today. The concept of femininity is socially constructed with biological factors incorporated as well. At the outset, a female was defined by the amount of roles she took on in the household whether it was cooking, cleaning, or simply caring for the children. On the other hand, society had associated men with fewer jobs in the home and more in the workforce. Granting those typecasts have improved over the years, there still remains an imbalanced gap between women and men that needs to be filled. The responsibilities of women and men in the 21st century refer to women taking over more “masculine” roles and challenging the role of femininity. In general, society expects females to be sensitive and very dependent and males to be stern and self-governing. And quite often society does not know how to respond when females cross the border of what is labeled as a female “domain”. By virtue of the gap between the opportunities offered to women and men, society dictates that the expectations for each gender contribute to the different experiences that women and men…
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