What It Means to be Human

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At some point in time we have all wondered what it means to human, and what we are supposed to do with our lives. Throughout the centuries, there have been gradual changes in what it means to be human. Through Pico della Mirandola we will how man became the measure and took the place of God, through Charles Darwin we will see how nature and science began to take the place of man, and through the art of Friedrich we can visually see all of these changes. Before the Renaissance, God was the measure of all things. People believed that everything in life was predestined, and that they could not be anything more than what they already were. During the Renaissance humanism became widespread, and the focus was no longer on God, but rather on man himself. There was a greater appreciation for man, and an emphasis on what humans think. Pico della Mirandola believed that people are able to be whatever they chose to be according to their own will and knowledge, he even believed that man could rise up and be as great as God. He says in Oration on the Dignity of Man, “To man it is to be whatever he choses to be!…he will be an angel and son of God…he removes himself to the center of his own unity, his spiritual soul, united with God…he will surpass every created thing.” (della Mirandola) In this time, man is of the utmost importance. In a sense, man is considered to be one of the most amazing creation that can essentially do anything with the proper knowledge and reason in order to make
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