What It Takes to Be First Sergeant

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As a Sergeant First Class (SFC) there are certain amount of skills, knowledge, and leadership abilities my command, peers, and subordinates expect of me. One of the knowledge I feel I should know as a SFC is what it takes to become a First Sergeant (1SG). I will outline the eligibilities, criteria, and trainings required of a 1SG through different sources. Based on that information, I will give you my opinion of what I feel I should know before becoming a 1SG. The most highly qualified and motivated senior Soldiers fill the 1SG positions. These assignments are career enhancing and serve as professional development for Soldiers in a Career Management Field (CMF) where 1SG opportunities are available. To be eligible to become a 1SG, Soldiers must be in the grade of SFC through MSG and will be selected based on outstanding qualities of leadership, dedication to duty, integrity and moral character, professionalism, military occupational specialty proficiency, appearance and military bearing, and physical fitness. 1SG positions have many criteria and all requisition authorities in the Continental United States (CONUS) or Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) are required to identify 1SG positions with the appropriate special qualification identifier (SQI) of “M.” The “M” identifier award is base on the criteria in DA Pam 611-21. Which identifies the 1SG will assist the commander in planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities that supports the unit’s mission. The
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