What Key Aspects Set Apart Successful Companies?

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References 1. Collins, Jim (2001). Good to Great. Ney York, NY. Harper Business Good To Great is Jim Collins’ most famous book. In this book Collins and his research team analyze and compare numerous corporations in an attempt to identify what key aspects set apart successful companies. He developed five aspects of organizational success and I will be making references to those points. 2. Collins, Jim (2011). Great by Choice. Ney York, NY. Harper Business Great By Choice is another of Jim Collins’ books. This book focuses in on one of the key aspects from his book Good To Great – Being a Level 5 Leader. I will be referencing several points made in this book that point to individual aspects of leadership. 3. Laurence, Janice H. “Military Leadership and the Complexity of Combat and Culture”. Military Psychology. 23:489–501 (2001). Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. ISSN: 0899-5605 print / 1532-7876 online. DOI: 10.1080/08995605.2011.600143 I like this article because it takes several previously discussed leadership topics and applies them to military style leadership. Laurence also points out several complex situations that leadership face in combat situations that are unique and not necessarily even considered by the majority of corporate America. 4. Agho, A. O. (2009). “Perspectives of senior-level executives on effective followership and leadership”. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 16(2), 159-166. doi:10.1177/1548051809335360 This article addresses

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