What Key Concepts And Their Relationships With Various Mythologies

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As my course in Operations Management comes to an end it is time for me to analysis all that I have learned in MGTU-315. To reflect on the knowledge I’ve gained from key concepts, and putting them to practical use in analyzing the operations strategy, performance, and the planning and control of our group project. In this essay I will discuss what key concepts and their relationships with various mythologies, along with my thoughts on how they may be applied in real situations at work. As an example I will be using the issues I had my summer in my small business. I. Analysis The “Frugal Ferret” specializes in handcrafted ferret toys, cage accessories and unique ferret hideouts, etc. They also offer ferret training, DY I repurpose projects that help the customer to be frugal. The business was founded summer of 2013 in Washington State. The manufacturing is done in a converted two-car garage by the owner and two part-time employees. Earlier in October the owner who previously did all work herself hired the two part-time employees and delegated the cutting and construction of the sleep bags to them. The owner started focusing more managing the resources and customers trying to increase her customer base. She had an issue with how to reach new customers to bring in more business. Issues started with the assembly quality of the three-tiered sleep sack almost immediately after hiring the employee. The assembly time to make one sleep sack used take about two hours but the new
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