What Kind Fo Language Does The Author Use? Essay

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Make a connnection betwen a real oworld issue and an issue discussed in your text.

In the book Model, Cheryl tells her story of the positives and negatives she experienced in the modeling industry. Most of what she states can directly relate to the norms and standards models are expected to achieve. Many people aren’t aware of th dark side of the modeling industry, while everything seems perfect on the outside, it’s quite the opposite “behind stage”.Cheryl 's talks about the “unnecessary examinations” that are performed on models. She described these as “It’s another step in the “breaking in” of a model that I elected to avoid like the plague. The main cause of young models falling apart, I found are these cold and unnecessary examinations.” Although, this pertains to the modeling industry,these kinds of situations can also be seen in society today;women who aren’t models getting degraded for not meeting society 's standards or criteria of beauty. What kind fo language does the author use?
Diamond primarily uses informal speech throughout her story,due to the fact that it’s a memoir. She is sharing her thoughts and experiences in her journey through the modeling industry,so it would make sense for the speech to be rather informal. If Diamond had opted to use formal speech then it would have seemed a lot less realistic,since it wouldn’t really seem like her own personal thoughts. For example when she got her hair,which was a highly valued asset for her, chopped
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