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I’m not going to lie and say that I have always dreamt of becoming a general internist. Deciding what kind of doctor I wanted to become was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I’ve listened to friends, family, fellow classmates and other physicians. I considered general surgery, cardiology, Emergency Medicine, OBGYN but I always came back to internal medicine. I enjoy hospital medicine and I was comforted knowing that I would still be able to pursue a fellowship after my training which didn’t make me feel like I had to get on a knee and propose to any one area quite yet. Internal medicine was also the one field that I could see myself being happy working even without pursing a fellowship. I feel alive when I’m in the hospital and I…show more content…
Growing up with my mother and sister and being the only male in my household definitely played a part in my ability to recognize my emotions. In our society, being a male is often portrayed as not acknowledging feelings and being strong emotionally, but that’s not what makes a great doctor. I was fortunate to go to a medical school that stressed the importance of the humanistic aspect of medicine and instilled these principals in me. It’s not womanly to care for someone and show emotion during times of loss and it’s not feminine to acknowledge a patient who is upset and comfort them. However, approaching the patient humanistically can be difficult to accomplish while in the hospital. The lessons taught to me at my school and my experiences at the hospital during my internal medicine rotation During my internal medicine rotation I saw how fast the admissions piled up and it was always a challenge to get the history, make the diagnosis and make a treatment decision right then. We didn’t have time to waste, we had to be quick and we had to be concise. The main worries were, did I make the correct diagnosis, did I give the appropriate medications and of course did I miss something that could be detrimental to their health? If a doctor does all of these correctly then he did a good job. The patient survived, crisis averted, now on to the next patient, right? The question is did he do a great job? What makes a doctor great in my mind is not just being a great
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