What Kind Of Information System Does The School Have?

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Part A
I. Explain what kind of information system does the school have?

The school is using the computer system is a manual information system. The computer systems are very slow because the processers and ram are not latest which makes difficulties in managing the large files and hard to have backup of documents. Sometime there is risk of loosing data when computer restarts incidentally while someone is working on it.

II. Identify the different essential component of the school 's information system and explain its importance.

Components of informal information system
• Hardware
• Software
• Databases
• Human resources
• Procedures


Multiple systems ,microcomputers,mini computers, mainframes, together with the pheripherals.computer system components are a central processors, memory hierarchy input and output devices.

SOFTWARE software’s are set of machine readable instructions that instructs computer o perform specific operarion.it computer software’s are also known as applications. Computer software falls into two classes; systems software and applications software.


Databases are organized collections of interrelated data used by applications software.
Databases are managed by systems software known as database management systems (DBMS) and shared by multiple applications.


Professional information systems personnel include
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