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What Kind of Lawyer do I want to be? Introduction ‘What kind of lawyer do I want to be’ is a very wide question open to a whole range of interpretations. Choosing to study Law at university almost certainly means becoming either a barrister or a solicitor will be the route to follow, but this choice as well as deciding whether to practice civil or criminal law is one which requires substantial thought. Having carried out work experience at my local Crown Court, and visited the Exeter Crown Court, it has impacted how I see my future. Additionally, my independent research coupled with seminar tasks in negotiation and advocacy have also helped to shape my decision. These experiences have brought to my attention a range of ethical concerns within the courtroom, however there are two issues in particular that have stood out. The first being cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses and defendants, for example, the elderly, rape victims, and children, and the second issue being legal aid and its impact. Learning about legal aid within the legal foundations course has opened my eyes to the struggle of the ‘ordinary person’ unable to obtain legal advice, and the significant, increasing divide between city firms advising corporate clients and the ‘high street firm’ advising the everyday citizen. Both of these issues have impacted on how I see my future as a lawyer. Court Visit During my Exeter Crown Court visit I observed a defence lawyer cross-examining the victim of a supposed

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