What Kind Of Life Would Have Judith Lead?

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“Thinking about Shakespeare’s sister,” resonated how women were treated and how their opportunities differ from that of a man. Virginia Woolf tries to boil down the main cause of why there are not any great women authors. Is it because women do not have the ability to be or raw talent great writers? Woolf’s essay examines the life of William Shakespeare’s sister to answer this question: What kind of life would have Judith lead? Judith is a fictional character created from Virginia Woolf’s imagination.
The character that Woolf creates is used to compare the life of Shakespeare with Judith. William Shakespeare attended grammar school where he learned Latin, elements of grammar and logic. William was a wild child. Later, in life he married a woman in the neighborhood, when his wife got pregnant, he went to London to seek fortune which he found in the theatre. He was allowed the opportunity to hold the horses at the stage door, at first. Then, he eventually started to get involved in working in the theatre and became a very successful actor. Shakespeare met very important people such as the queen.
Judith, on the other hand, lead a completely different life than Shakespeare. If William Shakespeare had a sister, she would be declined many opportunities. Judith would not be allowed to attend school like her brother did. She would not be allowed to read, write, act, or even learn. She would be expected to do housework, act like a “proper lady” and conform to rules set by her
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