What Kind Of Marketing Skills And What Types Of Leadership Styles That Angela

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1. Exclusive summary
Burberry 's stocks fell 1.31% because the outgoing of Angela, it reflects her praise from others. In fact, since 2006, when she joined to Burberry, the company 's stock has risen. He worked in the fashion industry for many years; she served as operations and design vice president in Liz Claiborn in 1998, and she responsible for operating 22 sub-brands. Among of those brands, the most successful one was Juicy Couture, after that, Burberry’s former CEO, Rose Marie Bravo, contacted her to ask her as a CEO of Burberry.
Before Angela became chief, Burberry is just a tradition British brand, however, after she took office, Burberry becomes a luxury brand and to apprehend the youth market.
To investigate what kind of
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When the world was into recession, she cut 50 million pounds of costs and focus on the development of brand. Angela understand that when the period of economic insecurity, the value inherent in history, so she was set three core values for company which are protect, explore and inspire, the concept from the founder of Burberry, Thomas Burberry. In addition, Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey co-founded "The Burberry Foundation" in the year of 2008 to provide global resources to youthful people who have dreams, and hope them to achieve its goals and potential with creativity. Meanwhile, inside the enterprise, Angela through the global video conferencing to send the information and communicated with more than 6,000 employees all over the world, because of this new creation, the global business trip rate decreased by 17%. On the other hand, after the financial turmoil, Burberry is a few brands, which had double growth of luxury brands, Interbrand announced the ranking of the top 100 of the best global brands in 2011, Burberry ranked 95, and the percentage of brand value is 20% of growth. To explore and investigate what is the operate model and what types of leadership management that Angela used to overturn the brand image during Ahrendts’ epoch.
3. The Importance of leadership
A good leadership creating success in business organization, leaders are often the key person to make a decision in

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