What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

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Kaili Molina Feature Writing Final Article :3 11/14/14 What kind of music do you like to listen to? Pop, hip-hop, R &B, or maybe Jazz; either way, you have the entire music world at your fingertips. With the amount of advanced technology in today’s generation, it’s amazing the things you can do; from being able to connect with your favorite artist via YouTube through products like Justin Beiber’s perfume, and even going as far as connecting with artists on social media like Facebook and Twitter, the options are limitless. Artists don’t just connect with you through music anymore. One of these advances is in the newest creation; Spotify. Spotify, a commercial music streaming service, is all the hype, as it has a free subscription option…show more content…
Swift’s record label boss, Scott Borchetta, said, “Spotify had paid a mere $500,000 for Taylor Swift’s domestic streams last year,“ Popper said. This, according to Borchetta, is something that should not be tolerated as it fails to meet the rights of his client, Swift, to receive a certain amount of royalties from Spotify. With Borchetta and Swift’s decision to pull her music from Spotify reaching the ears of the public, it was only natural for people to wonder whether or not this decision was a good one or not; and ultimately posed the question: Was Spotify negatively affecting her career or not? But how does the public view this decision? One of Swift’s fans, Katheryn Clark- a current YVCC college student, and avid music streamer- was very open in her opinion on the situation, saying she favored Swift’s decision to pull her music, as she felt Spotify was dishonoring the value of her music. “I don’t think they should give away free music,” Clark said.“ It doesn’t really help the artist and people can find free music anywhere.” Clark’s opinion was not too far off either, as it is clear that today’s advances in technology offer other avenues for searching and ultimately downloading songs for free anyway; from YouTube to Pandora to websites specifically for downloading songs free, any artist’s music is at the fingertips of thousands of people, and

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