What Kind Of Relationships Can Proportions Represent?

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What kind of relationships can proportions represent? Students will be able to solve and apply proportions AI.L.3: Represent real-world and other mathematical problems using an algebraic proportion that leads to a linear equation and solve such problems. AI.L.11: Solve equations and formulas for a specified variable, including equations with coefficients represented by variables. They need to know how to solve equations with fractions. They also need to know how to multiply fractions and divide integers. Bell-Ringer/Warm-up/Hook: Warm Up 10minutes The bell ringer “Warm Up” is my spiral activity. I always start the class with problems from the previous class. Because the topics in this unit build on each other, the warm up is also my…show more content…
During this lesson I will give the class the option of having me read the first one or taking a volunteer. Either way, I will allow the class a minute of two to read the questions quietly on their own before it is read aloud. After the word problems I will use the gradual release method to make sure the class completely understands how to cross-multiply and divide to solve proportions. After we understand the method, I will increase the difficulty on the problems by introducing proportions with sums or differences in one of the numerators. The final type of proportions will have a sum or difference in both numerators. This type of problem asks students to rely on the concept more than the others because they are theoretical proportions and have fewer applications. Independent Practice: 15 minutes The assignment only has 15 questions on it, but it is likely that most students will do more than 15 questions because they have to get the question correct in order to move on. The attached assignment will look similar to the student’s assignment but it will not be the exact same because mathXL generates different problems for each student. The assignment will be on mathXL. Students need to go to their internet browser, type in pearsoneasybridge.com to get there. We have used this website a lot this year so they wont need very many directions for how to find the assignment. MathXL is a great program
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